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NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an anti-aging innovation that helps you obtain energy from your healthy food, protect your cells from stress, and much more. At True Potential MD in University Place, Washington, Barbara Mack, MD, and Brandi Faudree, PA-C, provide NAD as one of many ways to enhance your health and wellness so that you can achieve optimal body functioning. NAD can help you combat many of the unwanted symptoms and tribulations of natural aging. If you’re interested in this safe, effective, and more natural anti-aging treatment option, call True Potential MD, or request your appointment online today.


What is NAD?

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential coenzyme in every cell that plays an important role with basic cell reactions and processes. NAD helps you:

  • Obtain energy from the food you consume
  • Protect your cells from stress
  • Maintain healthy sleep cycles
  • Repair damaged cell DNA
  • Regulate blood glucose
  • Make sure proteins are properly folded into the correct shape 

NAD can turn off genes implicated in accelerating the aging process. This is one of the many ways that NAD yields anti-aging benefits.

NAD helps you shuffle electrons, so your enzymes and bodily processes can function properly, and the enzymes can activate certain chemical reactions in your cells to keep them healthy.

Why would I choose to supplement with NAD?

You might choose to supplement NAD for a number of reasons. NAD helps both cosmetic and functional concerns by assisting with anti-aging, energy utilization, and more.

Even if you’re consuming a healthy nutrient-dense diet, you won’t be able to get the energy from your food properly without NAD. Your mitochondria — the powerhouses or engines of your cells — use this energy to stay alive, repair themselves, and more.

Science has proven that with aging, natural levels of NAD decline, so supplementing this beneficial coenzyme can have a profoundly positive, healing, and anti-aging effect on your general health, wellness, and functioning.

How do I know if NAD is right for me?

During your personal consultation at True Potential MD, your provider can answer your questions, discuss your concerns, and explain how NAD works in detail to help you determine if it’s right for you.

NAD is usually a great choice for those concerned with anti-aging, optimal energy, optimal bodily functioning, and looking and feeling your best.

Particularly after age 40, NAD levels decline much more drastically. True Potential MD provides NAD as a revolutionary anti-aging and wellness solution that usually involves a simple oral supplement.

NAD is safe and effective and backed by impressive medical and scientific research. NAD is an excellent method of enhancing your body’s own natural processes.

Unveil the myriad benefits of this anti-aging method and natural wellness booster, and call True Potential MD, or request a consultation through the online system today.